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(The Toad Rock)

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The Toad Rock
Rusthall lies about 1 mile to the west of Royal Tunbridge Wells just off the A264.

The church of St Pauls was started in 1833 on part of the Neville Estate (see Eridge ) by Lord Abergavenney. The area was mostly heathland and Common ground but the population was increasing due to the popularity of the wells at the Pantiles in Royal Tunbridge Wells . The churches at both Rusthall and Langton Green were constructed at about the same time to service the extra population needed to provide services to the wells.

Rusthall is a modern village, the majority built after the trains arrived in Royal Tunbridge Wells during the mid 1800's. It was created as a tourist spot, with visitors coming up from the station in charabancs to see the 'Toad Rock'. Toad Rock is a natural rock formation which looks like a sitting toad, standing on an outcrop of sandstone. Other outcrops can be seen throughout the Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Common areas.

During the Great War 1914 - 1918 there was a Voluntary Aid Detatchment Hospital located in Rust Hall. As the war dragged on so the hospital increased in size taking over the local girls school.

Nowadays the village is slowly being absorbed into Tunbridge Wells , as with other local villages such as Langton Green . Th majority of the population work within the area, or commute to London via the trains services.


Rusthall has two centres, the one near to Toad Rock is really an old Victorian resort, the main shopping centre lies about 1/2 miles to the west near to where the Speldhurst road leaves the A264.

The nearest major shopping centre, railway lines and bus services can be found about 1 mile to the east in Royal Tunbridge Wells.


St Peters church (Rusthall Kent)
The main attraction in the village is the Toad Rock which lies to the east of the village. This outcrop of sandstone resembles a toad sitting on a rock, and was and still is a major attraction in the village.

Rusthall Common is a pleasant place to walk and relax.

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